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ALNS’ English Verbs – Present Tense Practice Template

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ALNS’ Present Tense Practice Template is a great resource.  It helps learners understand the elements in present tense verbs.  Verb tense summary plus four practice pages.

More Information

This document is a companion to ALNS’ English Verb Tenses – An Overview.  ALNS also offers templates for practising past and future verb tenses.  This resource helps teachers primarily but might be appropriate for some learners.  It summarises all English present tenses and offers space to practise.  It visually conveys the relativities (which is important in areas like this).  It doesn’t teach you about present tenses per se, but summarises the spectrum to boost understanding.  It’s especially useful with students who use verbs well but need to learn about their forms.  In doing this, it helps literacy and numeracy teachers plan and deliver verb sessions well.


This resource is available as an MS Word document and/or .pdf file.  Due to the nature of the online environment, a pre-purchase view isn’t possible.  ALNS’ templates aim to help teachers primarily although many are suitable for learners, too.  None of them, however, substitute the need for you to research and deliver to the needs of your students.

You are charged a nominal fee to cover a very small part of its production.  How we stagger teaching and learning is subjective.  What’s offered here is not the only way to teach things.  The aim in providing this resource is to help you prepare and revise efficiently.  It is not a lesson plan so remember to assess its appropriateness in your program.

In purchasing this template, you may copy and use it in educational and non-commercial settings only if you leave the branding and copyright notices in place.  ALNS’ resources are registered with Australia’s Copyright Agency Limited.  This permission extends to government-recognised teaching institutions.  You are not permitted to distribute it freely to your wider networks.  The terms and conditions for downloading, using and modifying this document can be found here.

All the best with your teaching!

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