Adult Literacy & Numeracy Services provides literacy & numeracy classes for English-speakers.  Its personalised, face-to-face sessions can assist anyone of any age or background achieve their goals.  Your current skills or school experiences needn’t stop you from achieving your dreams.  We’re all always learning, all of the time!  Get in contact here if you’d like assistance.

Literacy & numeracy classes for English-speakers can address all sorts of things.  Some people want to develop for personal reasons; others, to assist friends or family.  Some individuals need to learn a new technology; others have to learn for work.  Some seek to master everyday tasks – e.g. completing forms, using machines, obtaining a licence.  Still, others require help with their studies – before or after their course starts.  It doesn’t matter why you want to learn; ALNS can help.

The list below will give you an idea of the range of ALNS’ literacy & numeracy classes for English-speakers:

  • reading (books, papers, forms, etc)
  • writing (letters, completing forms, websites, etc)     
  • English grammar
  • expanding your vocabulary
  • spelling
  • hand-writing
  • study skills (see the Help Studying page)
  • numeracy (i.e. maths and the language it involves)
  • computer skills (from logging on to website development)
  • using everyday technology (e.g. machines, credit cards, calculators)

To enquire, email Fran at learning@alns.com.au or call 0413 525 114.