personalised learning helping you achieve your goals
personalised learning
helping you achieve your goals


Adult Literacy & Numeracy Services provides literacy & numeracy classes for people who speak English well.  Its personalised, relaxed and friendly sessions can assist anyone of any age.  Current skill levels or schooling experiences needn’t stop anyone from achieving their dreams. 

Literacy & numeracy classes for English-speakers can address all sorts of things.  Some people learn for personal reasons; others, to assist friends or family.  A learner might need to master new technology or something for work.  Some seek to master everyday tasks – e.g. completing forms, using machines, getting a licence.  Others require help studying or preparing for entry exams.  It doesn’t matter why you want to learn.  Click here to get in contact.

Common ways ALNS helps people who speak English well:

  • reading books, papers, forms, etc
  • writing letters, emails, assignments, completing forms, etc
  • pronouncing words
  • understanding things
  • English grammar and punctuation
  • expanding vocabulary
  • spelling
  • hand-writing
  • study skills (see Help Studying)
  • numeracy / maths
  • computer skills (from logging on to website development)
  • using digital devices
  • using other technology (e.g. machines, credit cards, calculators)
To enquire, email or call 0413 525 114.
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