personalised learning helping you achieve your goals
personalised learning
helping you achieve your goals

Help Studying

Any learning stretches while it is asking us to expand our awareness.  Sometimes, we can need a hand in familiarising ourselves with course requirements.  This can involve your approach to study; learning how to research; planning or completing assessments.  Academic work often involves a certain type of language and format as well.

ALNS helps people study, prepare and apply for their chosen job. Fran has studied at Certificate, Degree and Post-Graduate levels, and vocationally.  This helps her guide students with a well-rounded view.  Whether you are new to English or not, ALNS offers the following support to students:

  • learning academic English
  • numeracy (maths & the language it uses)
  • preparing for entry exams and psychometric tests
  • getting organised to study; note-taking; preparing or completing assessments
  • research & referencing skills
  • preparing to write assignments and meeting assessment criteria
  • verifying and completing the LLN component of TAE courses
  • exam/test preparation
  • computer skills
  • planning, preparing and delivering presentations
  • word processing in MS Word
  • spread-sheeting in MS Excel
  • database development in MS Access
  • presentations in MS PowerPoint

A qualified teacher, Fran also has experience in administration, strategic marketing, sales, intuitive work and personal development.  This makes her pretty versatile in how she can help.

To discover how ALNS could help, please call/sms 0413 525 114 or email
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