Computer / Digital Literacy

Learning how to use computers can involve a number of things – e.g. logging on; learning how to spell and type; using email; other programs; launching a website.  Fran is well-versed in these areas as well as spread sheets and databases.  She has strong reporting and analytical skills, which she has trained executives in.  For general interest, study or work, ALNS can help you expand your computer literacy.

ALNS helps adults learn how to use computers in the following ways:

  • basic computer use (logging on, using email, using the internet, etc)
  • using other technology (e.g. ticketing machines, digital equipment)
  • finding, loading and using apps
  • word processing (Microsoft [MS] Word)
  • spread sheeting skills (MS Excel – general, analytical or charting)
  • developing presentations (MS Powerpoint)
  • developing & maintaining databases (MS Access)
  • developing & maintaining websites (WordPress)
  • developing a search engine presence
  • developing electronic templates & standard forms
  • creating electronic filing systems, back-ups, etc


Digital literacy isn’t just about computers – it can involve learning any form of equipment.  This can include mobile phones, tablets and iPads; GPS systems; stock control, point of sale or measuring devices.  Some people want to learn to set up their device; use google, apps or social media.  Everyone has specific objectives which are explored when we first meet.  This ensures that everyone gets to learn as, how and when they need to.


Computer/Digital literacy sessions require learners to bring their own device although Fran has a tablet on hand if required.  Depending upon the reasons for learning, access to a library and/or workplace computer may be required. 


If you’d like to expand your computer or digital skills, email or call/sms 0413 525 114.