Computer Literacy

Your decision to learn how to use computers might involve a range of things or only one.  Computer literacy can involve logging on; learning how to type; using a program; even launching a website.  The list is endless and Fran is well-versed in these areas, spread sheets and databases.  She has strong reporting and analytical skills, which she’s trained executives in.  For general interest, study or work, Adult Literacy & Numeracy Services can help expand your computer literacy.

ALNS helps adults learn how to use computers in the following ways:

  • basic computer use (logging on, using email, using the internet, etc)
  • word processing (Microsoft [MS] Word)
  • spread sheeting skills (MS Excel – general, analytical or charting)
  • developing presentations (MS Powerpoint)
  • developing & maintaining databases (MS Access)
  • developing & maintaining websites (WordPress)
  • developing a search engine presence
  • developing electronic templates & standard forms
  • creating electronic filing systems, back-ups, etc
  • using other technology (e.g. ticketing machines, digital equipment)

Computer literacy sessions require the use of your own device or a library computer. 

If you’d like to learn how to use computers, email or call/sms 0413 525 114.