L&N Resources for Teachers

ALNS produces adult literacy & numeracy resources for teachers because they don’t always graduate with all the knowledge they need to pass on.  This is not a criticism – it would take an age to master everything up front.  The range of what’s involved in literacy and numeracy (L&N) mentoring is very wide.  Every so often, newly trained teachers and seasoned professionals need to brush up on a few points.

With this in mind, ALNS helps teachers prepare for class.  L&N roles, in some organisations, can be loaded with administrative tasks.  This can really squeeze new teachers given the size of their learning curve.  This is where ALNS’ literacy & numeracy resources seek to help. 

Many websites offer great learning materials but a lot of them are not designed for adults.  It’s one thing to download a resource – another, to brief it in well.  Here is where the system can abandon teachers and frustrate delivery.  In order to teach, we are often required to individually swot up.

The above describes the facts of life for teachers of any ilk.  We often need to vary what, when and how we tutor.  What is a noun, for example, is not a mono-dimensional theme.  One might know the top-level definition but not all it involves as a personal, learning journey.  What is a “thing”?  What is a “person”?  To a new or struggling learner learning such things for the first time, could you address his/her possible questions adequately?



About the Resources

ALNS’ library of literacy & numeracy resources is broken up into two groups: General Templates and more specific Grammar Resources.  The General Templates explain and provide practice in expanding learners’ L&N and study skills.  The Grammar Resources target L&N teachers (as outlined above and below).  

ALNS’ library of literacy & numeracy resources is going to take a while to build.  As time permits, numeracy and digital literacy resources will also be offered.  Each template is developed and tested with adult students before being offered here.  As a self-employed teacher with no administrative support, I’m not rushing – the aim is upon getting things right.  This can take a while and, even then, users will notice more opportunities to enhance these documents.  As and when you detect such things, please send your feedback to resources@alns.com.au.

This project does not receive government funding – everything that’s offered has been made in Fran’s spare time.  Given this, ALNS’ literacy & numeracy resources are provided for a nominal charge.  The prices have been set to keep things affordable whilst helping to cover costs.  Your payment helps me help teachers do what they love to do. 

Most of ALNS’ literacy & numeracy resources are available in MS Word and .pdf format.  Having purchased one, you can save, copy and use it as much as you like.  You may share it within your teaching institution but wider distribution is not permitted.  Please refer to ALNS Terms & Conditions of Website Use & Purchase to learn more.

Due to the nature of the online environment, ALNS doesn’t provide refunds or a view before you purchase.  The product outlines seek counter these things.  Please let us know if you feel they can be improved. 

Also….  ALNS’ L&N resources are available in a few countries – e.g. Australia, Canada, New Zealand, much of Europe and the US.  If you’re in a country we do not currently supply, please get in contact.  

If you like what you find on this website, please spread the word!




ALNS’ Learning Templates

L&N students can need to learn how to learn when they start studying.  Well-laid out templates provide them with an easier base to launch from.  By receiving such guidance, learners are helped to explore English independently.  This can, in turn, leave them feeling more empowered and confident. 

Twenty years in marketing and administration have helped Fran develop an eye for formatting.  She’s applied this so that ALNS’ resources contain good amounts of white space, row heights and simple layouts.  Visually complex learning resources distract some students from learning tasks.  ALNS tries to keep things simple so as to maximise session outcomes.

ALNS’ Learning Templates do not represent “the way” to teach or learn anything.  By inviting people to follow their format, they simply help teachers and students start the learning journey.  Derivatives, synonyms and antonyms, for example, can be presented in a number of ways.  There’s always another way to do things.  In downloading a template (rather than having to create one), ALNS hopes to help you better channel your energy.

To purchase one of ALNS’ Learning Templates or to view the list of available documents, click here

To enquire or give feedback, please email resources@alns.com.au



ALNS’ Grammar Resources

ALNS’ Grammar Resources help teachers brush up and develop good lesson plans.  They do not seek to teach grammar, per se.  This is best done by the experts.  They merely highlight the stages you might need to prepare to deliver in your class.  Their overall purpose is to outline the layers involved in one aspect of grammar.  You may only need to review one section; you could want to reconnect with them all.  Produced in this vein, ALNS’ literacy & numeracy resources help you develop good contingency plans.

Most of ALNS’ Grammar Resources contain simple exercises and answers (where appropriate).  In doing this, they seek to help teachers reconnect with certain grammatical elements.  Bibliographies are provided for those who want to delve deeper.  The resources may be suitable for students’ use but you will need to confirm this.  They should not be viewed as lesson plans.  You will still need to determine how you will outline, model and practise the theory.

Trained in Australia, Fran is familiar with the functional approach to grammar.  She has much more to learn but understands the value of this model.  This said, adult L&N students often need to learn some traditional grammar first – e.g. how to identify nouns before they can launch into noun group work.  ALNS’ Grammar Resources help teachers build bridges, where necessary, between the two frameworks.

Adult L&N students often want the theory spelled out – they can need (and like!) to know why as well as how and what.  They’re often less concerned about the creative elements which are so important in keeping younger students engaged.  There are, of course, exceptions to this but it helps to explain ALNS’ resource formatting.  If you download the MS Word version of a document, you will be able to modify the layouts and creative elements yourself.  

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To enquire or give feedback about ALNS’ literacy & numeracy resources, please email resources@alns.com.au.