personalised learning helping you achieve your goals
personalised learning
helping you achieve your goals


Adult Literacy & Numeracy Services (ALNS) helps people develop their English literacy and numeracy (L&N) skills.  This can require different help for different students because literacy and numeracy covers many things. Literacy can involve reading, writing, spelling, comprehension, speaking, using technology, completing forms.  Numeracy includes learning maths language so as to read, speak, write and calculate.  Both fields tend to require a certain level of technical/digital ability, too.

ALNS helps small groups and individuals build L&N skills in a customised way.  It aims to support anyone who wants to learn – school or university students or leavers; working, stay-at-home or unemployed adults; business owners; and retirees.  Learners can be native to English or new to the language.  People decide to build their literacy & numeracy skills for all sorts of reasons.

Dyslexia Doesn’t Mean You Cannot Learn

ALNS sees a lot of dyslexic students.  Many come believing they can’t achieve their goals.  Dyslexia presents in different ways but doesn’t mean a person can’t learn.  Lots of great achievers have dyslexia.  They just need to find the way they learn and do things best. 

Here’s a great video from the British Dyslexia Association.

Call, email or sms ALNS to explore your learning.

still image from youtube video from British Dyslexia Association

ALNS’ founder, Fran Davidson, has solid experience in teaching, learning, mentoring and studying.  This helps her support others explore concepts, complete assessments or build their abilities.  ALNS offers relaxed, professional and personalised mentoring based upon the learner’s needs. Before we start, we meet to discuss all of this.

Fran also helps organisations build their employees’ L&N skills for work.  Depending on the brief, face-to-face, distance and online mentoring is available. Location needn’t stop anyone from developing.  Please explore the other pages on this site to learn more about this.

Adult Literacy & Numeracy Services also buddies with L&N teachers. It offers confidential, judgment-free help in brainstorming ideas; developing learning plans or resources; and meeting admin requirements.  Continue reading about ALNS’ teacher support service.

To explore L&N learning options in your area, call 1300 655 506.
Visit the Reading Writing Hotline’s website.

Some useful resources…..

Cover of ALNS low L&N Skills at work handout

How Low L&N Skill Levels affect Workplace Outcomes

This publication outlines how low literacy & numeracy skill levels can affect work outcomes. … Read more
Cover of ALNS presentation: Transitioning into new roles.

Transitioning Adult L&N Learners into Further Training and/or Work

A lot can be involved in transitioning L&N learners into further work and training. … Read more
To discuss any of the above, contact ALNS.
ALNS is all-culture, -ability & -religion friendly
and welcomes indigenous & LGBTQI students, and people with special needs.
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