Non-English speakers

Learning any language can be a challenge – Australian English (and slang!) is no exception.  This is partly because Aussie English was developed from a number of languages.  As a result, the way we use words, write and/or spell them can vary.  This can create confusion and the need to have some elements explained. 

ALNS runs literacy & numeracy classes for non-English speakers at formal, informal and/or academic levels.  No matter your fluency or reasons for wanting to learn, the following types of support are offered:

  • reading
  • writing 
  • conversational skills
  • pronunciation
  • building vocabulary
  • understanding (and using!) Australian customs & expressions
  • spelling
  • hand-writing
  • numeracy (maths and the language it uses)
  • performing everyday tasks (e.g. using machines; reading signs; completing forms)
  • vocational English (see Business L&N)

To enquire about ALNS’ literacy & numeracy classes for non-English speakers, email or call/sms 0413 525 114.