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personalised learning
helping you achieve your goals

About ALNS

About Adult Literacy & Numeracy Services (ALNS)

ALNS launched in 2016 to help school leavers, job seekers, students, stay-at-home parents, workers, business people and retirees.  It also assists businesses, government and literacy & numeracy (L&N) teachers.  Working in the vocational training sector, Fran noticed how government funding criteria can impact programs.  There are many cost-effective and quality L&N courses, teachers and institutions.  Sometimes, however, things can get squeezed in ways that affect those seeking help. 

Many people thrive in Australia’s government-funded adult education system but some need a more personalised or detailed approach.  ALNS provides relaxed, enjoyable, supportive and relevant learning experiences. 

Fran has been teaching adults since 2000 in large and small groups, and one-on-one.  Before then, she regularly trained people in workplace systems and computer programs.  She has always pursued multiple interests, including languages to intermediate level.  She is only fluent in English but these experiences help her relate well to learners.

Fran qualified as a Teacher of Adult Literacy & Numeracy in 2014.  She holds a Cert IV in Training & Assessment (TAE40110); a Business Degree (Strategic Marketing); and a Working with Children Check.  She has mentored kindergarten readers and taught intuitive development since the 1990’s.  Fran’s a member of the Australian Council for Adult Literacy (ACAL); the NSW Adult Literacy and Numeracy Council (NSW ALNC); the Specific Learning Difficulties Association of NSW (SPELD NSW); and the Australian Dyslexia Association (ADA).  She is constantly honing her teaching skills.  Recent training includes:

Ako Aotearoa’s (NZ) Introduction to Dyslexia; Developing Number Skills; Developing Learners’ Fractions, Decimals, Percentages & Proportional Thinking; Teaching Statistics & Measurement; Teaching Adults with Dyslexia.

SPELD NSW’s Phonics Phundamentals; Teaching Phonics using Decodable Texts; Introduction to Dyscalculia; Understanding Specific Learning Difficulties; The Science of Reading.

A qualified strategic marketer and planner, Fran also helps business people develop.  She has managed portfolios and supported and trained management and staff in private and public sectors.  She has built and runs her own businesses, and knows what this can involve.  As a literacy & numeracy teacher – general, workplace, academic or technological – Fran is well-placed to help.

ALNS’ approach to L&N learners

In the 1970’s, education departments reduced their focus upon learning maths and grammar.  Many of today’s adults, therefore, didn’t get to build these skills well.  Not all schools followed this pathway but many adults, now, aren’t as fluent as they would like.

ALNS is 100% learner-focused.  What we work on revolves around you.  Some people want input; others do not.  Whatever you want to learn, we discuss your situation first.  This helps Fran develop a plan for your learning and confirm you are happy with that.  Whether you’re studying, unemployed, working, retired, stay-at-home or new to English, there’s always a number of ways to approach things. 

ALNS aims to help adults of any age enjoy learning and achieving their goals.  Not everyone wants to learn the details – amazingly, however, some do!  We can work face-to-face, online or (in some cases) over the phone.  To discuss any of these areas, get in contact.

If you live outside of Sydney or want to do more research, contact the Reading Writing Hotline via or 1300 655 506.

ALNS’ buddying service for L&N teachers

Government funding and employment initiatives have radically reshaped adult L&N programs.  In some instances, it has seen the support for teachers (and students) radically trimmed.  Here, pressure can mount to do even more work out of hours.  It’s concerning to hear of some teachers working all week – unpaid and unsupported – for less than one day in a classroom. 

In an industry born to enable others, these trends are concerning.  ALNS helps teachers, too, irrespective of their background.  It seeks to push back at excessive cost-focus that negatively impacts outcomes and lives.  There isn’t any point in offering programs that can’t actually get learning well done. 

Working collaboratively, ALNS helps educators deliver as they know they can.  As an L&N buddy, Fran works with the teacher to plan, prepare, deliver and/or assess.  Her confidential, supportive and friendly manner helps people mentor as they know they could.  Her approach is strategic, customer-centred and quality-focused.  This isn’t a forum for handballing and running – what we put in, we manifest.  Fran’s eye for detail helps her notice gaps and opportunities; meet objectives; and avoid waste. 

If you need help formatting, planning, assessing and/or validating your course, or just want a buddy, click here to get in contact.

ALNS also helps Cert IV Training and Assessment (TAE) students fulfil their LLN obligations.

To discuss any of the above, contact ALNS via 0413 525 114 or

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