Maths / Numeracy

ALNS runs relaxed and friendly numeracy classes for adults.  Numeracy involves the language of maths as well as learning how to add up, etc.  Developing your skills doesn’t have to be boring or find you pushed to learn things too fast.  There’s always more than one way to approach maths and it’s often the language that creates the problem.  

Our first step into your numeracy journey involves understanding what and how you want to learn.  Sessions can involve learning maths from “A to Z” or a more specific range of topics.  We initially meet to discuss your objectives, needs and how you’d like to approach things. 

For study, work or general interest, ALNS’ numeracy classes for adults can include:

  • learning specific mathematical tasks (e.g. adding up, working with fractions)
  • decoding the language of maths
  • developing rounding and estimating abilities
  • building mental arithmetic skills
  • measuring things
  • using calculators & similar devices
  • reading/understanding technical diagrams (e.g. site maps)
  • financial literacy
  • using digital apps and other equipment
  • using spread sheets
  • data analysis and reporting in MS Excel
  • graphing and charts in MS Excel

To explore ALNS’ numeracy classes for adults, email or call 0413 525 114.