Adult Literacy & Numeracy Services (ALNS) helps people who want to develop their English literacy or numeracy (L&N) skills.  Literacy can involve reading, writing, speaking, comprehension, workplace tasks and using technology (e.g. computers).  Numeracy focuses upon the language of maths as well as performing mathematical tasks.  ALNS supports small groups or individuals outside of a classroom. 

ALNS aims to assist anyone who wants to learn – from school students or leavers through to retirees.  You might be an English-speaker, someone who’s yet to learn it or wanting to develop other skills.  ALNS’ founder, Fran Davidson, has experience in teaching, learning languages, studying and supporting people.  This helps her to assist others by checking their work, exploring things and/or completing assessments.  Visit the other pages on this website to learn more.

Fran’s approach is professional, caring and guided by a learner’s needs and wants.  She has solid experience in mentoring people including those new to English; adults with special needs; or learners who want help studying.  Before you begin, you meet with Fran to discuss your objectives and how to attain them.  There are many ways to support individuals and sessions can focus upon English language, grammar and/or maths. 

Adult Literacy & Numeracy Services also helps literacy & numeracy teachers by buddying with them when the load’s too much.  Fran offers a confidential, one-on-one and judgment-free service that helps mentors brainstorm ideas; develop plans, lessons and resources; or meet admin requirements. 

To discuss the above, contact ALNS on 0413 525 114 or send an email….