Business L&N

Doing business in English can require people to learn new ways of speaking, writing or working with others.  With nearly 30 years’ experience in marketing, strategy, administration and self-employment, Fran helps people learn new literacy & numeracy skills for work.  You can achieve your career goals – as a job seeker, student, employee or business owner.  

Having made the commitment to learn vocationally, it’s usually ‘just’ a matter of doing the work.  Business L&N sessions are best when they’re based upon real tasks.  For this reason, Fran encourages business L&N students to bring the work they need help with.  Developing literacy & numeracy skills for work can involve reading through documents; creating texts (like emails); learning procedures; mastering a new technology; and more.  By working with “real life” scenarios, learning is reinforced.  Developing your literacy & numeracy skills for work could be easier than you first thought!

The following are some of the areas ALNS can help you with:

  • job seeking
  • resumes & cover letters
  • interview preparation & practice
  • business English skills (reading, speaking, writing, industry jargon, Australian slang)
  • business numeracy (maths and the language involved)
  • computer skills (logging on, using programs, developing websites)
  • MS Office programs (Outlook, Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint)
  • website development & maintenance (using WordPress)
  • establishing a search engine presence
  • strategic thinking & planning
  • writing business & marketing plans
  • writing & delivering speeches and presentations
  • developing marketing & advertising messages
  • administration skills (including filing systems & asset registers)
  • business process development & review
  • developing business stationery
  • completing business forms

All of the above can be tailored to your specific business and industry.

Please contact Fran to learn how she can help – on 0413 525 114 – or use this form: