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Adult Literacy & Numeracy Services provides friendly, supportive and practical literacy & numeracy sessions for its learners.  The following information should address most questions and help you determine if and how Fran can help you.


Session format

Introductory session (1-1.5 hours)

Before you start working together, you meet with Fran to discuss your situation.  She will ask you to outline your objectives; what you can do; why, what and how you want to learn.  This information helps her to develop a customised lesson plan for you.

At your first meeting, you’ll also discuss how you’d like to learn and any concerns (or constraints) you have.  Fran then conducts a mini-literacy & numeracy session to give you a feel for her approach.  By the end of the hour, you should have an idea about what you want to do.  If you want to proceed, Fran usually suggests booking your first 5 sessions.


Learning sessions (1-2 hours)

Fran prefers face-to-face sessions because of what can come up.  Working together often helps everyone discuss, explore and practise topics.  Non-verbal cues are so important in helping teachers address learning needs.  The format of your literacy & numeracy sessions is guided by your preferences for what, why and how you’re learning.  Sessions usually include the following sections (as a minimum):

  • touch base before the session starts (observations, general questions)
  • review the past week’s learning (including homework)
  • focused learning, as agreed with you
  • temperature check & homework assignment


Session size

Fran mentors people in small groups or individually, face-to-face, in a comfortable setting.  

Small groups can include up to 5 people of similar skill levels and need to be organised by the client.


Session duration

Irrespective of why you’re learning, 1.5 to 2 hours per session is Fran’s recommendation.  The minimum class time is 1 hour because 60 minutes passes very quickly!  Learning L&N tends to unfold like a maze, with one “simple” question triggering all sorts of discussions!  There are many connections in language and numeracy (not including general questions).  

The four sections (outlined above) usually require a minimum of 90 minutes.  By the end of that time, students have usually done enough.  Having said that…  Session formats and times are agreed at your first meeting and regularly checked.  Fran keeps your literacy & numeracy sessions as short as possible and frequently asks for input and feedback.  It’s possible to vary session times to cater to your other commitments. 


Session times

Sessions are usually held once or twice a week so that you have time to practise on your own.  Together with homework, this is usually enough (given everything else on your schedule).  If you want to meet more regularly, please discuss it with Fran.

Depending upon her schedule, Fran can work with you on a weekday, week night and/or weekend. 

All literacy & numeracy sessions are by appointment only.



Not all of ALNS’ services involve the same sort of work, so the fee can vary depending on the brief.  Payment is in cash at the end of each session or prepaid via funds transfer or PayPal.  PayPal transactions incur a $5 surcharge to cover their fees.  Invoices and receipts are available.  Same day cancellations require full fee payment.

Reimbursement for travel expenses may apply, depending upon the location.  

ALNS offers a sliding fee scale for people who want to learn together.  Feel free to organise a study group to make your sessions more cost-effective.  



Depending on your location and why you’re learning, Fran can come to you or you can come to her.  The venue needs to be quiet, well-ventilated and well-lit, with a table that comfortably seats 2 or more people.


Learning materials

Fran provides learning materials and activities to help you practise and develop your skills.  We can also work with your own resources (especially if you’re studying or in business). 

Learners will need a folder, note paper and stationery (i.e. pens, pencils, erasers, etc).

Fran believes in setting homework because it helps to reinforce what’s being learned.  Activities are based upon what you do in session; are always negotiable; and never high-pressure.  Some weeks, you might be asked to create your own activity or find something yourself.  This helps Fran check how you’re going and plan sessions moving ahead.     


To enquire about the above or organise your literacy & numeracy sessions, contact Fran via email (below) or 0413 525 114.



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